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The comments of his clients are testimony to the excellence of his work—just a few examples:-

“ an exquisite piece of work”

“ the detail is unbelievable and the crew so lifelike”

“we are simply delighted with an outstanding work which is astonishingly accurate and captured her complete character”

“thank you for a superb job—examining her with a watchmaker’s glass I find tiny details which we had forgotten existed, and she is a very complicated subject”

“no wonder you don’t generally advertise!  Judging by the wonderful replica you have completed for me, your order book must be endless and, above all, your fee is so reasonable for work of such a high calibre—rare in these days!”

“ I could not be more delighted with the replica—it is quite outstanding and lifelike, bringing out the complete character of the boat—so much so it makes me feel that I should buy another simply to justify another replica”

“ this is a masterpiece of  model making at its best—not only an exquisite work but set in the most realistic sea that I have ever seen, and with such a lifelike crew!”

“what astonishing detail—even ‘Silver’, our seagoing cat, lying in the cockpit as she normally does.  The replica will be treasured in the years to come”

“I never thought with such a complex ship that it would be possible to provide such an accurate and realistic model in that scale—it is a near miracle of excellence”

“I received the Tamar last evening--- it's absolutely beautiful!! I cannot express, in enough superlatives, the quality of your work. Each new lifeboat seems to surpass the ones I've received previously-- except for the fact that they're all exceptional!! Thanks again and very best regards”.

“You amaze me with the exacting detail in your creations! I’m very proud to be the owner of so many of your masterpieces. To be very honest, I feel that I have an insatiable appetite for your very beautiful creations!”

“The luckiest day of my life was the day I found your website—thanks again for the happiness you bring to me thru your models!”

“the detail and realism of the liner are unbelievable as we know her so well and there’s not an item missing -  even her officers on the wing of the bridge and 2.5mm tall!”

“ I thought I knew the ship well but you have included features I had quite forgotten about – what superb work by an extraordinary artist and no wonder your order book is always full. It will be treasured by me and generations of our family for many years to come”

“What can I say? Words cannot express my delight at such a remarkable piece of work for which you should have charged four times your fee and even then it would be cheap”

“ It is an honour to know you and possess one of your outstanding works – my next commission will be with you shortly and will be one of several I have in mind”

“ I have been a collector of ship models all my life and never seen such beautiful, realistic and detailed work in such a small scale”


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